Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

I saw this in the New York Times this morning:  Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

It reminded me about why I’m doing all of this.


Brooklyn Brine Officially My New Favorite Pickle Company

I posted previously about the FUBAR with my home pickling kit. When it arrived, I’d only received 5 (out of 6) jars and also didn’t receive the pickling spices or seasoning. I later called them, and they promised to send me the missing items, right away.

A box arrived today that seemed pretty large for just one small jar.

Brooklyn Brine has sent me 3 free bottles of pickled yumminess! I can’t wait to try them, or to start my own batch.

Time to hit the farmers’ markets!


Pickling Delay

I may have to go ahead and start working on the coconut water kefir, since the pickling kit I had ordered is incomplete. The package arrived yesterday and when I opened the box, I was missing 1 jar (out of 6), the pickling spices, and the brining seasonings.


I just got off the phone with them. The woman I spoke with was very friendly and promised to get the missing items out to me without delay.

So… I will have to wait a little longer to try my hand at pickling. Sadly.

New Water, New Ice

For the longest time I have been dreaming of having a reverse osmosis system installed in the house. About 6 or 8 months ago, we had an inline filter installed that vastly improved the taste and odor (ew!) of our tap water. Bathing and showering conditions were much improved, but I still didn’t really want to drink it.

A couple years ago I had gotten an Ecolo Blue Atmospheric Water Generator. Yes, that’s really what it sounds like. The AWG removes moisture (humidity) from the air and purifies that water for drinking. Fantastic!

The problem with the Ecolo is that it rarely produces enough water to satisfy our needs. (We play football; yes, women can, and do, play full-contact tackle football.) Especially during the winter months, there is just insufficient moisture in the air to keep up with our demand for pure drinking water.

For a few months now (at least) we’ve been buying bottled water. I hate the waste and cost of having to do that. So, when it came time to replace the filters in the Ecolo, it was also about time to replace the filters in the inline house system.

Rather than go through the expense and effort of replacing the Ecolo filters, I called the plumber and inquired about installing an RO system, and subsequently feeding that water supply to the ice maker, which had never been hooked up.

This would also give me a virtually unlimited purified water source to use in all of my home fermentation projects.

Well, today I am thrilled to report that this work was finally completed yesterday. I just heard another tray of ice fall in the freezer. And smiled.

Homemade Pickles and Coconut Water Kefir… Too Much?

So, I’m thinking about branching out into homemade pickles and non-dairy kefir, using coconut water. I feel like my new hobby could possibly get out of hand, but I’m just having so darn much fun and am really passionate about restoring my body to absolute health and peak performance. I really think probiotics are something my body has been lacking and has really been craving for some time now, and I’d much rather get them from raw whole food sources than from a pill.

Part of my new journey is all about feeding my body what it genuinely needs. I’ve spent too many years abusing it and ignoring the warning signs. My body was communicating with me; I was just too stubborn to listen. So far, my body seems to be really happy with the direction I’m going.

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