Sprouting Mung Beans

I recently decided to try making an Indian dish called kitchari. I came across the recipe in the Yoga Journal. The recipe called for mung beans, which I finally found at the local health food store. I was so excited to find them that I kind of overbought. They were in the bulk bins, and I just kept scooping them into the bag. I was a little horrified when I got them home and saw how many I had gotten.

At any rate, I have a shload of mung beans now, and I need to figure out what I can do with them. I came across this site and have decided to give sprouted mung beans a shot.

I took about a cup or so, rinsed them well, and set them aside in a bowl of purified water at around 11:30 this morning. I’ll rinse them and replace their water before I go to bed tonight. The next step is to find an appropriate container for the sprouting.


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