Yoga Journal 21-Day Challenge (Day 7)

My first week finished. Woohoo!

Today’s workout was a hip opener, which I was really looking forward to, because I think my lower back issues are at least partially related to tightness in my hips. I have spent years working at various desk jobs, and my general lack of activity hasn’t helped.

I’ll be honest, there were not a lot of poses in this workout that I could actually get into, or even attempt. I have a hard time with a lot of poses that require me to be on all fours, because I get some pretty extreme, burning pain in my right knee when I kneel on it. Also, a lot of the poses were brand new to me. I know I’m still a beginner, but I only recognized about 20-30% of the poses in this workout. I am looking forward to returning to this sequence, once I’ve gained a little more yoga experience.


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