Kombucha Update

I’ve decided to record a weekly update for my kombucha batches, because I’m now going to be harvesting one of three batches on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not to mention, I’ve got a continuous brew going that I will harvest whenever it appears to be *ready*.

On Friday, I started batch B2, using my usual method and 1 cup Zulka sugar.

Today, I harvested batch C1, which I brewed using tea that had only steeped for about 13 minutes. It’s delicious. I think it has more to do with the fact that the brewing jar was kept at a near constant 80 degrees than anything else. It really has been making a difference to have the heating mats, especially considering the temperature in Ventura has been in the mid 60s for the past week or so.

Then, I started batch C2, steeping the tea for only 15 minutes (I got impatient), and using 1 1/2 cups of sugar (it was the end of the bag of Zulka, and I thought I’d experiment a little).

Note to self:  buy more sugar before Wednesday.


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