Yoga Journal 21-Day Challenge (Day 3)

I apparently slept 9 hours last night, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t toss and turn as much as I normally do. In fact, I slept so hard, for so long, that my back was incredibly stiff and sore this morning. It took me a while to feel like dragging my ass out of bed. Imagine my reaction when I read the description of Day 3 of the yoga challenge:  “If sleep is a time of rest and repair, then why do we feel so stiff and creaky in the morning? You can try figuring that out, or you can try this practice, designed to banish stiffness and creakiness and awaken the whole body.”

The sequence started out with some side bends and spine twists, then moved on to several sun salutations, and finished in a few standing poses (Warrior II, Triangle). Day 3’s workout was definitely just what I needed this morning. I didn’t exactly feel like it was a “beginner” workout, but I modified the poses myself and made it through. Now, I’m feeling much better than before I started.


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