Vacation (Weekend) Update

Lauren and I went to San Diego this weekend, and I found myself worrying more about my ferments than I was about our cats. (That’s probably only because we have a webcam to check in on the cats. And did, a few times over the weekend.)

Saturday morning, I replaced the goat milk in my kefir grains and left the lid loosely placed over the jar, so it wouldn’t explode while we were away. When I checked them this morning, the milk had been fermenting for about 48 hours. The flavor is not really any more sour than my first batch (after 24 hours), but it is definitely richer and thicker. I can also detect some fizziness, which is not as bizarre as I had feared. I could easily get hooked on this stuff. Oh, and no bad side effects, so far, either.

Because we were going to be away for a couple of days, and because the weather has been warmer, I unplugged the heating mats on Saturday morning. When I got home, the temperature of the kombucha batches (A3 and B1) was around 70 degrees. They were unplugged for a total of about 36 hours. After plugging them in again last night, they were back up around 78 degrees this morning.

My A3 batch has only been brewing since the 19th (6 days), but I’m going to go ahead and bottle it, harvest a daughter SCOBY, and begin batches A4 and C1 (with the daughter) today. I’m only harvesting it today, because I used heating mats, and the temperature of both batches was consistently above 78 degrees.


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