New Kombucha Batch (B1)!

When I finished my first batch of kombucha, and found out how delicious it would be, I immediately ordered 2 more SCOBYs and 2 more brewing jars, so I could have 3 batches brewing at any one time, staggering them, providing me with a near constant supply of kombucha. That was the plan, anyway.

My ambitions were thwarted when the weather turned colder, and I had to wait for my heating mats to arrive. At any rate, it’s now been 3 days since batch A3 was started, so I decided today would be a perfect day to start a 2nd simultaneous batch. I’ll start a 3rd batch when A3 gets bottled, as I plan to separate a daughter from my first (A) SCOBY.

My 3rd SCOBY will now serve a different purpose. A friend of ours tasted my A1 ginger kombucha and was inspired to start brewing her own. The original plan was that I would give her a daughter from my A1 batch, but 7 days is a really long time to wait, when you’re really excited to get started. I remember all too well how anxious I was.

So, I’ll give her my 3rd SCOBY (from on Saturday morning, and I can harvest daughter SCOBYs for any of my future needs.

I think it might be time to consider a Continuous Brewing Method, don’t you?

[Don’t worry: the ceramic crock is already on its way.]

: )




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