Feeding My Soul

My big plans today included a trip to Santa Barbara (a 30-40 minute drive) to attend a yoga class on campus and get another hour closer to satisfying my PE requirement. I gave myself plenty of time and even remembered to bring my yoga mat and yoga blocks, just in case.

It was a pleasant drive up to campus–it usually is, and I was able to find a parking space with little trouble (a generally stressful affair). After a few minutes relaxing in the car, I got ready to go into the gym, when I realized I had not brought my student ID card. Without my ID, I would not be able to get in or participate in the yoga session.

Major bummer. There’s nothing much more annoying than a wasted trip, so I decided to transform my forgetfulness into an opportunity. The next best thing to being in a yoga class, for me, is sitting at Himalaya (my favorite Indian food restaurant), listening to the sounds of India.

So, here I sit, eating my 4 (out of 5 spicy) Chicken Tikka Masala. It feeds and nurtures my soul. I can stretch out on the yoga mat, later at home, but in the meantime, I get to have this:



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