Your body, yourself

Jemima House


“You are not a machine with a mind. You are a highly conscious being in a body that requires nurturing and rest. Highly conscious beings have a deep desire to connect with positive energy and experience the resulting beauty and bliss.”~ unknown

What do you ask your body to do? Think of the last 24 hours…
How far did you walk, run, swim and for how long?
How much food did you eat? Was it clean, fresh produce?
What did you drink? Water? Alcohol?
What thoughts did you entertain? How did your body respond to them?
How much sleep and rest did you have?
Did your body refuse you anything that you demanded of it ? How did you thank it? Did you?

Oh the difference an attitude makes…humour me and imagine you borrowed a friend’s body for a week. A friend with a particularly awesome body in your opinion…what…

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