Time For a Sauerkraut Update


Since I just got finished bottling my first batch, and starting my second batch, of kombucha, I figured it was probably high time I checked on my kraut.

I started the sauerkraut on 2/23, so it’s been fermenting happily for 13 days. When I removed the lid, the top of the kraut looked a little dry, so I added some Arrowhead spring water to cover the weight stones, after removing some of the exposed pieces of cabbage/kraut.

As far as the taste goes, I think it’s finally demonstrating the usual qualities of kraut and not just old cabbage, but Lauren will be the best judge. I got a couple of small storage crocks when I ordered the fermenting crock; these are about 16 oz, so they’re just right for storing the kraut in the fridge.

I lightly packed one storage crock (see picture above) with some kraut, poured a little slightly salted water over it, and placed it in the fridge.

Ready to go!


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