Bottling Kombucha (A1) and Starting A2


I have been a little bit terrified of bottling my first batch of kombucha, because I was a little freaked out about having to remove the SCOBY. That thing is alive, man. Plus, it’s huuuuge now.

Anyway, today is day 9 (I actually thought it was day 10, until I literally just counted the days), so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and bottle the ‘buch.

Sadly, the Kombucha Brooklyn forum went down earlier this week. *facepalm* That’s all I needed during my first batch experience, but an email sufficed to get a question I had, answered (those guys are great). It meant, though, that I couldn’t review the instructions for proper bottling.

I went back to KB’s YouTube channel and rewatched their bottling video. That gave me the boost of courage I needed to just go for it.

Because I’m paranoid about anything going wrong, I “sterilized” everything with a little dish soap, hot water (rinsing twice, three times) and a final rinse of apple cider vinegar. I removed the SCOBY, which is now sitting on the counter between two plates, plus a cup or so of the kombucha from the brewing jar.

The siphon I got was useless, because I didn’t realize I needed some plastic tubing to go with it. So, after struggling with that, I poured (very carefully) the kombucha from the brewing jar to a couple of 32 ounce brown bottles.

Lauren wanted a ginger flavored kombucha, so I put about 5-6 slices of fresh ginger in the first and a dried fruit flavor packet from KB, blueberry ginger.

There was too much kombucha to fit in two bottles, so I grabbed a couple of empty GT’s kombucha bottles for the rest. I’ll leave those two plain.

I’m starting my second batch now; the tea is brewing while I type this. I’m following the exact same process as the first time (A1), except I’m reusing the SCOBY (Mother & Daughter), so this batch will be known as A2. [When I start batches with a different, brand new SCOBY, the letters will change (B1, B2, etc.)]

I’m not separating the mother & daughter, right now, because I don’t have another brewing jar, or storing capability, at the moment.

I think that’s it, for now. I’ll be checking the bottled kombucha for carbonation and flavor over the next couple of days.

Take care. I’m so excited!


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