Homemade Pickles and Coconut Water Kefir… Too Much?

So, I’m thinking about branching out into homemade pickles and non-dairy kefir, using coconut water. I feel like my new hobby could possibly get out of hand, but I’m just having so darn much fun and am really passionate about restoring my body to absolute health and peak performance. I really think probiotics are something my body has been lacking and has really been craving for some time now, and I’d much rather get them from raw whole food sources than from a pill.

Part of my new journey is all about feeding my body what it genuinely needs. I’ve spent too many years abusing it and ignoring the warning signs. My body was communicating with me; I was just too stubborn to listen. So far, my body seems to be really happy with the direction I’m going.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Pickles and Coconut Water Kefir… Too Much?

  1. I’m excited to see homemade pickles! I’ve always wanted to try them but haven’t had the guts (or the time or space) to really give it a go yet.

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